Migrating from the N900 to N9

One of the first things I did after getting my N9 is researching how to migrate all my PIM data from the N900 to N9. This included my contacts, calendar, notes, messages, etc.  This wiki page hosted at meego.com has it all covered. The only place I ran into a snag was in migrating the SMS and IM conversations.

Fortunately, MSameer from TMO had created a small utility for transferring all SMS from the N900 database. Since IM and call logs were also stored in the same DB, it was theoretically possible to extract those from the DB also. Msameer had indicated a way to import everything, but the source then had to be compiled, which I didn’t know how to. So, I turned to the community and lo and behold, the awesome Nicolai came up with a perfectly modified utility to import all Conversations to N9.

How To

  1. Enable developer mode and install from other sources.
    • Settings --> Security --> Enable “Developer Mode”
    • Settings-->Applications—>Installations –> Allow Installation from non-store sources
  2. Download the utility (either for SMS alone or for Complete conversations)
  3. Install the utility by clicking on it in file manager
  4. Copy the database (located at /home/user/.rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db) from the N900 to the N9
  5. Open the terminal and run the following command:
    • n900-comhist-import /path/to/el-v1.db

It should now show the total number of events present and start importing them. It is recommended that the device be in offline mode while importing data as incoming SMS or other events may corrupt the database. I had a total of 23000k events and it took more than half an hour to import it all.


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